Kammeringer Cheese Specialist

The Kammeringer family’s cheese stand has been a fixed and well-respected business in the Augustiner food hall for over 40 years. In 2010 it was awarded with a Seal of Quality.

The delicious little bite-sized, well-tempered cheese cubes from the Salzburg region have impressed customers since the start of time. The Graukäse (grey cheese) is particularly unique and an absolute must-try!

How about following up your cheese delight with a Schnapps for your digestion. You can choose from 19 different varieties - one of which is even a homemade Augustiner schnapps.

Kammeringer's Graukäse (grey cheese), special regional Salzburg cheeses, homemade cheese spreads such as Liptauer, sardine spread, herring or gorgonzola butter, herbal cream cheese, wild garlic spread

Augustiner Seal of Quality Award: 2010, 2019 and 2021

Kammeringer's cheese delicacies

Mouthful Tilsiter Mouthful Tilsiter
Spicy Liptauer Spicy Liptauer
Salzburg beer cheese Salzburg beer cheese
Gray cheese spread Gray cheese spread