Raha Country Bakery

Henndorfer baker, Christian Raha has been providing customers with freshly baked country bread since 1876. Now in its fifth generation, the Master Baker Christian Raha creates special regional breads such as the Original-Bräustübl-Bierspitz made with real Bräustübl Beer. A nice selection of cakes, pastries, sweets and of course freshly brewed coffee is also available.


Original-Bräustübl-Bierspitz bread baked with the Houses beer, Bräustübl-Weckerl buns, oven fresh salt sticks and pretzels, 'Schaumrollen', 'Punschkrapferl' and a variety of cakes.

Opening times:
Daily from Palm Sunday until year’s end.

Raha's pastry delicacies

Crunchy pastries Crunchy pastries
Coffee & Danish pastries Coffee & Danish pastries
Beer stick Beer stick
Beery grains rolls Beery grains rolls