The Müllner Grill

From March 2023 - our new addition - the Müllner Grill / BBQ - will be serving freshly grilled delicacies from the region. The fine grilled chicken is very popular - an Austrian classic which is perfectly matching with our beer. Especially the savory and sweet filled dumplings are worth a look and try at the "Müllner Grill".


Fine roast chicken from the grill with potato wedges, chicken wings, pulled chicken, Pinzgau Kaspressknödel, hearty and sweet filled dumplings, smoked trout and grilled fish


Delicacies from the Müllner Grillerei

Chicken wings Chicken wings
Delicious dumplings Delicious dumplings
Grilled chicken Grilled chicken
Kaspress dumplings Kaspress dumplings